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The Writer’s Life: Sick Days

>Sometimes you are going to find yourself too sick or tired to string words together. For instance, that sentence just took me five minutes of typing, editing and retyping.

I’m taking a sick day. When my cold medicen kicks in, I will probably read a book like Dragonfriend by Roger Eschbacher so that I can blog about it in a week or two.

Why don’t you read a good book, too? May I suggest one? Oh! I already have! Scroll through the blog and choose a few. Can’t afford books? Enter to win The Grimoire by S.M. Boyce.

Not in the mood to read someone else’s awesomeness? Why don’t you try out one of our writing exercises? Grab a notebook and a pen and get busy creating your own awesome. Or, you could play “Find the typos” in this Sick Day post.

Go ahead, write amongst yourselves. I’ll just lie here and sniffle.

Gotta Kleenex,

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