The Book Hangover

book hangoverUgh. Today has been so weird. I finally decided what my problem is: new book hangover. Yep. That’s what it is. I spent all weekend working like mad to get through the revision process for my new book (coming this summer!) and at 8:42 last night I finally hit send on that sucker. It is now in the very capable hands of my top secret beta readers and I can rest easy.

Except that I can’t. *sigh*

I hardly slept at all last night and then I spent most of the day wandering from project to project, from FB to Twitter and back again. What a terrible waste of a beautiful day! I’m just sick over it. But for some reason I can’t seem to focus. And that’s when it hit me: Book Hangover.

There’s only one way to cure a book hangover. You have to pour yourself into another book. I think I’ll read a regency era novel and soak up some of that deliciously intricate language so that I can pour it into my main character’s dialogue in the final rewrite. Then, maybe I’ll invest a few hours into my favorite online game, racing around beautiful fantasy forests and searching through old villages for useful artifacts. Then, I’ll take all of that inspiration and pour it into my next book project: Light series book 3, The Light Within.

Have you ever had a book hangover? How did you get your groove back?

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