LA Notes: The Swag Shop

Hey, it’s LA. Mom wants me to introduce the new Sutherlin Swag Shop!!! We’ve been working on it for quite a while and I’m excited that we finally get to show you the results. Here I’m going to explain about the shop, why we started it, and what my favorite swag is.

The shop was created in Café Press and we got to use our own designs to sell in the shop. We mostly made the shop because we need more money if mom’s ever going to write more books. So, mom started with just designing jewelry. Since then we have added a lot more and plan to keep adding new items each month. My favorite thing so far is the Aiden T-shirt.

Light shirt 1

It’s so cool, right? We have tons of swag but my slow computer won’t let me upload any pictures. We are so excited to finally have the shop go live and we hope you enjoy shopping. Have an idea for our next design? Let us know!

   Rock On!



The Sutherlin Swag Shop

Seen necklaceToday I am so excited to introduce a new way for fans to get personal with their favorite Sutherlin books. Now you can share your love for the Light Series or Seen with the rest of the world by wearing exclusive gear from the Sutherlin Swag Shop.

We only have a few designs available now, but we plan to add more each month. Let us know what your favorites are and what you would like to see us add this summer. Tomorrow, LA will be here to talk more about our plans for the Swag Shop so stop by and get the scoop straight from the source.

Happy Shopping!
~ Heather

Light shirt 1