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Poem In My Pocket


Today is national “Poem In Your Pocket Day”, a day for normal folks like you and me to celebrate poetry in the best possible way – by sharing it with others. Although I don’t normally write poetry, I just happen to have this one to share. I hope it strikes a chord with someone out there feeling stuck with their own heavy burdens.

Heavy Packages

By Heather Sutherlin

Why does it still hide there in plain sight?

It hurts to look at it, so I avert my eyes.

But inevitably someone points it out and sighs,

“How do you live with that?”

So, I box it up and hide it in a dark abandoned place

Until, unexpectedly, I stumble upon it

Tripping, falling back into the painful pit

And I cannot live with that!

You can’t hide it. You can’t fix it.

This is the torture the world calls “moving on.”

Only I’m trapped under this burden and it weighs a ton.

I guess I’ll try to live with that.

I want it to have never been!

I wish it could be the thing that never was.

Why can’t it be undone? Because,

I think I could live with that.

So, I’ll keep trying to see anything but it.

And you’ll please forgive me if I sometimes trip on it and fall.

The bruises will remind me that it’s so very real after all.

And I’ll learn to live with that.

How did you celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day? Do you have a poem you would like to share with us? Please do! We’d love to hear from you.