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Earlier this week I introduced you to a brand new site created just for fans of YA indie fiction, The YA Storytellers Society. Twice each month members of the society will blog about a common topic. This week’s topic is Creepy & Lovin’ It. So, here’s a creepy excerpt from my book, To Light the Path.

Path front coverMerrilyn sat staring into the fire, debating with herself silently over all the things the Dream Stealer had said to her. She couldn’t hope any longer that he would stay away, but at the same time, she didn’t want to hear his promises anymore. She knew he couldn’t keep them; they had to be lies. Still, she wondered about the man who could invade her thoughts so easily. Who was he, and what did he really want with her? She hoped tonight to find out.

She took her place by the fire Aiden had built and tried to force herself to sleep. Instead, sleep eluded her. She tossed and turned long after the others were snoring. Merrilyn wondered if maybe she had been foolish to think she would hear his voice again so soon. With a deep sigh, she gave up trying to sleep and watched the smoke curl up toward the stars.

The clouds were thick tonight and a chill filled the air. She was glad for her warm blankets and snuggled deeper into them. Justan’s arm fell off of her and he snored loudly before rolling over to face the opposite direction.

Merrilyn turned back to stare at the fire and nearly jumped in surprise. The smoke had changed. Instead of the thin wisp rising slowly away from the dying flames, it now billowed into a large cloud that puffed and grew as she watched.

The Dream Stealer’s voice called to her, and Merrilyn tried not to smile in relief.

“You were waiting for me?” he asked, a hint of laughter in his voice this time. “I am a little surprised, Merrilyn. It seems you can’t decide how you feel about me.”

Her mind had been drawing its own picture of him for weeks. Now she wondered if his face would match the beautiful voice she heard singing in her dreams.

The smoke billowed suddenly, and a man appeared stepping out of the haze. Though she could not at first see his face clearly, her first thought was that he was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

He smiled at that. He was dark, his hair a deep brown, almost black, and his eyes were the same. He wore a black cloak that covered most of him.

The smoke swirled around him, pooling at his feet and then rushing away along the ground. She looked around, surprised to find herself standing at the top of a mountain. She could see the land stretching out all around her in every direction. It was beautiful and she wondered about all the places she had never seen. She gazed at the expansive scene in wonder.

“It could be yours,” he said softly beside her.

She turned to look up at him, searching his face, eager to read his expression now that she could. But it told her nothing more. He watched her calmly, waiting for her reply.

“Who are you to give it to me?” she asked at last.

He laughed. “What a clever question. Haven’t you guessed?”

Merrilyn shook her head.

“Ah, well then. I have a question for you,” he said with a smile. “Why did you want to see me?”

He took her hand and raised it to his lips. Then, he turned it over, running his thumb across her wrist where her pulse throbbed a bit quicker. His smile widened as he pressed a kiss into the palm of her hand.

She watched him with a mixture of fear and fascination. He lifted an eyebrow as he watched the play of emotions on her face.

“Shall I answer that for you?” he asked, teasingly.

“I want to know what it is you want from me,” she said at last.

“I only want to give you all that you desire. Surely you cannot object to that.”

She appraised him warily, and his lips twisted into a smile.

“Ah, I forgot. You don’t trust me.”

He sighed dramatically.

“I suppose I will just have to convince you then,” he said. “Come with me and I will show you.”

Her eyes widened at this suggestion.

He waited, hand outstretched for her, his eyes locked on hers. At last, with a deep breath for courage, she took his hand and fog billowed at her feet. It grew into a great cloud, swirling around her until she could no longer see anything but the Dream Stealer smiling down at her.

Slowly, the fog faded. They appeared in a stone chamber that reminded her of the king’s great room back in Nomar. It held no furniture except an enormous throne made of solid stone. It was black and as her eyes travelled the room, Merrilyn noticed scorch marks along the walls and floor. Strange since the room no longer smelled of fire.

“This could be yours,” he said softly, pulling her further into the room. “Here, you could sit on a throne and rule the nations.”

He pointed to the far wall where several large windows looked out over a great valley. She stepped closer, staring out at the land below. From here it seemed as though she could see the entire world.

“All of this could be yours, if you will choose it.”

He stared down into her eyes and she felt her pulse quicken. “I will see to it that you have all that you want, all that you long for. I will make you the greatest woman who has ever lived. All will know your name and speak it with reverence.”

She glanced away from his intense gaze and looked again out the windows at the world below. It was dark now, as though a storm were growing and the clouds choked out all the moonlight, obscuring the earth below from her sight.

Merrilyn took a deep breath, suddenly fearful. Something deep within her warned of an unseen danger and she tried to understand it, to see it clearly, but it eluded her. She looked up at the man beside her and saw how he watched her with coolness, as though he understood the reason for her fear better than she.

Merrilyn’s adventure begins in A Light in the Darkness
and continues in book two, To Light the Path.

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My Books, Share the Love Scavenger Hunt

Tea Time With My MCs

Indie_Author_Month-784206Hey! How’s your weekend going? It’s Indie Author Month and I’m running a bit frazzled today as I try to finish up the sequel to SEEN so that I can send it off to my editor next week. To make things crazier (and I’m really good at making them crazier) I invited my main characters over for tea. They’re both very nice girls, so I hope they’ll get along. Oh! I almost forgot. If you’re following my Share the Love Scavenger Hunt, here’s today’s clue:
It’s day number two, there’s no extra link.
Just read this and tell me, What’s Rory’s favorite drink?

{Doorbell rings}

Ah, here they are. Excuse me.

{Opens the door to find two pretty teenage girls standing on her front porch. Rory is taller with long dark hair wearing jeans and a t-shirt and Merrilyn is petite with the most shocking silver hair you’ve ever seen trailing over her caped shoulder past her waist. She’s wearing a beautiful, though simple, dress that looks like she came from a Renaissance fair.}

Hi, girls! I’m so glad you made it! Come in!

Rory: Hey, Heather! How’s the writing?

Heather: Well, actually… It’s getting a little crazy. I’m almost finished with your sequel and I’ve got to run. I’m sorry. I hope you’ll forgive me. I’ve got the table all set up and I’m sure you’ll both have a fabulous time, but if you don’t mind, I’m going to go back to my office and finish up these last two chapters. Is that okay?

Merrilyn: Sure, sure. We understand. You can’t keep the fans waiting too long! Go finish Rory’s story and we’ll bring you some tea when you’re done.

Heather: That would be fabulous, thanks! I knew you’d understand. Have a good time!

Rory: {turning to Merrilyn} Hey, I’m Rory, by the way.

Merrilyn: I’m Merrilyn, but my friends call me Merri. I’m so happy to finally meet you!

Rory: I know! I’ve been so curious about the other girl taking up so much of Heather’s mind. How are you?

{The girls walk in and sit at the table set for an elaborate tea party.}

Merri: Oh, I’m fine. I’ve been on vacation for the last few months, just enjoying a little quality time at home after all the adventure last fall.

Rory: That would be nice. I can’t wait to get home. I’m afraid my adventure is just beginning. Can you pass the cookies?

Merri: Sure, those look delicious, though I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like them before. Would you like some tea?

Rory: {Crinkling her nose} I’d rather have a Dr. Pepper, but… sure. Why not? I suppose it is a tea party.

Merri: What is Doctor Pepper? Is that a person or a drink?

Rory: {Laughing} A drink. Sorry, I forget you’re not exactly from Earth.

Merri: No, I’m afraid our world is a little different than yours.

Rory: Tell me about it! I just spent the summer in a magical world full of creatures that want to eat me and a villain that is… Well, never mind. You don’t want to hear about my problems. They’re messy.

Merri: Don’t worry. I know all about villains and monsters. Last year I was hunted by a dark wizard from one side of the kingdom to another and then his master…”  {She shivers. Rory pours her some tea.}

Rory: {Handing Merri the antique looking teacup} A dark wizard, huh? Did he shoot lightning at you?

Merri: No, just the opposite. He used shadows. Why?

Rory: For a minute there I thought maybe we were talking about the same place.

Merri: So, there are wizards where you are from?

Rory: Ha! Goodness, no. I’m from Oklahoma. The most interesting thing we’ve got are Cherokees. No, I was talking about the world beyond the portal. See, there was this magical portal in my backyard. Well, not in the backyard really, but in the forest, and –

{Doorbell rings}

Merri: Who could that be?

{Rory shrugs and starts to get up, but before she reaches the door, a head pops around the corner. It’s a boy about her age with bright red hair wearing a loose fitting white shirt that looks like something a pirate would wear and a smooth leather vest over tight fitted pants. He glances around the room and as his eyes fall on Rory he grins devilishly.}

Merri: Aiden! What are you doing here?

Aiden: {shrugs and steps into the room} We got tired of waiting, so I thought I’d come and see what’s taking so long. Ooh! Cookies! {He snatches a cookie from her plate and pops it in his mouth, then grins at Merri. She huffs and he turns to wink at Rory.}  Who’s your friend?

Merri: {with a resigned sigh} Aiden, this is Rory. Rory, Aiden.

Rory: Hi.

Aiden: {crossing the room, he dips into a dramatic bow} At your service, my lady.

Rory: {She glances at Merrilyn} Your boyfriend sure is flirtatious.

{Aiden chuckles and Merri coughs on her tea, spilling a little on her plate.}

Merri: He is NOT my boyfriend.

Aiden: She wishes! No, her boyfriend is a stuffy prince named Justan.

Merri: Aiden! That’s not polite. You shouldn’t call him stuffy.

Aiden: {shrugs and reaches for another cookie} Well, he shouldn’t be so stuffy, then I wouldn’t have to call him that.

Rory: You’re boyfriend is a prince? Wow.

Merri: You mean your boyfriend isn’t?

Rory: Uh. No. He’s a football player. I mean, if he were my boyfriend. Uh…

Aiden {Raising his eyebrows} You don’t sound sure.  A real man doesn’t leave his girl wondering about his affections. Maybe you just need a real man.

Merri: Cut it out, Aiden. She’s not interested.

Aiden: {Ignoring Merri} So, Rory. What’s your magic power?

Rory: What do you mean?

Aiden: Well, Merri can heal people and I don’t want to brag, but I have a few hidden talents myself. What sort of magic can you do?

Rory: Well, if you come outside, I can show you. {She winks at Merri}

Aiden: {shrugs} Okay, sure. But these biscuits are delicious. I think I’ll just take a few with me. {He scoops up the plate.}

{Rory leads them outside. The door shuts softly behind them. A muffled shout from Aiden is followed by feminine laughter. The two girls come back inside, giggling.}

Merri: Now that is some trick! Justan would love to have that ability. He’s always trying to get rid of Aiden.

Rory: Don’t worry, I’ll bring him back for you later. Too bad he took all the cookies.

{Heather comes rushing in}

Heather: Is everything okay? I thought I heard someone shouting.

Rory: Don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got it covered. Want some tea?

{Heather looks from one innocent expression to another and then sighs.}

Heather: Why not. I could use a break. You won’t believe the trouble I’ve just gotten you into.

Merri: It’s okay. I’m sure she’ll forgive you. I know how good you are at writing happy endings. Rory will want to kiss your face when she sees how her story turns out.

Heather: Well, maybe not my face, but I know a certain boy in Oklahoma who will be happy to oblige.

{She winks and Rory turns a pretty shade of pink. Merrilyn laughs and pours the tea.}

Curious about their adventures? You can find Merri, Justan and Aiden in The Light Series and Rory’s adventure begins in Seen.

Did you catch the clue? If not, scroll to the top and try again. Then, post your answer in the comments below. Want bonus points? Share the Love by tweeting this post or sharing it on Facebook with your friends. Then, let me know in the comment section. If you missed yesterday’s clue, you can find it here. Happy hunting!