It’s often a lonely business being a writer. I’ve learned that the best way to make it through is to befriend other writers in similar straits. This year I’ve joined quite a few author collectives to make that happen. This week I’m going to tell you about them, but first I want to share an event that is happening RIGHT NOW for indie writers.

Indies 4 Hire is a brand spankin’ new business venture between Gwen Gardner and Maria Zannini. Both are indie authors who have decided to share their acquired talents with other authors in need. Gwen is a formatting and editing guru while Maria shares her graphic design experience through cover design, web design and marketing materials. Two of the sweetest gals I’ve met, they are hoping their talents will launch new authors into the bright and shiny world of publishing.

To introduce themselves, they’ve created a special Facebook event that is running all week during the lunch hour. Indie authors are signing on from all over the globe to join in the lively discussion on topics ranging from self-editing tips to best marketing practices. To join in the fun, just follow this link and join the group. Then, jump in by adding a comment or two or just reading through the discussions. To add to the fun, Indies 4 Hire is hosting a giveaway and the prizes are BIG. You can find that here.

Come back tomorrow to hear all about another group I’m very proud of, the YA Indie Carnival.

Happy Reading,