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Moving to France Giveaway

img_4171 The hardest part of packing was sorting through my office and trying to decide what to keep, what to take with me, and what to let go. In the end, I packed up a huge pile of fabulous gifts and sent them out to my street team, The Sutherlin Circle. They have worked so hard this year sharing my books on social media, posting graphics and ads they created to share when my books went on sale, and generally cheering me on whenever I needed a rally cry. It was fun choosing what treasures to send them.

Then, I packed one last box of story notes and journals to take to France, and sent the rest with my inlaws to their home out in the country where my desk will wait for me to return. I can’t imagine all the wonderful stories I’ll dream up in the French countryside, but I’m sure they are waiting for me to discover them on long walks in the wood or quiet afternoons in the chateau.

Wishing you could join the adventure? I really wish I could take you with me, but I just don’t think you’ll fit in my suitcase. Instead, how about a pack of treasures to make you feel like you’re the one traveling to France this weekend? It includes a signed copy of One Paris Summer by the fabulous Denise Grover Swank, a travel diffuser and lavender oil from Young Living essential oils, a French themed journal, a copy of my book, A Familiar Darkness, a handmade bag, and lavender bath fizzes to help you envision yourself in a relaxing French bath while you read.

I’ll be choosing the winner from my author newsletter list, so sign up HERE to enter. Already subscribed? Well, you’re already entered then, you lucky duck! Be a good friend, and share this giveaway with your book-loving friends online. Maybe they’ll loan you the books if they win. 🙂

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Share the Love Scavenger Hunt

Share the Love, people!

Share the LoveI know Valentine’s Day is over, but we are just getting started with our Share the Love Scavenger Hunt. We’ve got so much planned that we decided to spread out a little. My good friend, author Felicia Tatum, and I are joining forces in a new Facebook event to Share the Love. On February 28th we’re giving away prizes ALL DAY LONG! You will want your name drawn, I promise you! So, get busy hunting those clues, posting your guesses, and sharing the love with your book-loving posse. Here’s today’s clue:

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Don’t worry, dear readers, 
We have prizes you!

The date has been set,
We’re ready to cheer.
Choose the prize you want most
And then post it here.

That’s right. We want to know which of our prizes you’re dreaming of winning! (Oops! I gave it away.) So, visit the FB event page and scroll through our prize selection. Then, come back here to post your answer under comments. Want a bonus entry? Share the love by inviting your friends to join the fun. You can post our event link on your Facebook page or click the “Invite Friends” button on the event page. Be sure to let us know that you shared the love so that we can count your bonus entry. Happy Hunting!