Spring Cleaning

I can hardly believe it is already May. This year has been constant action and now I find myself just weeks away from a very busy summer. So I find myself doing what countless women before me have done in these glorious cool days of spring: Spring Cleaning.

Oh, I’m not just talking about cleaning out closets and vaccuuming under the couch (remind me to do that, though!) As a writer, I’m doing a different sort of cleaning. I came out of winter’s fog with a mess of unfinished drafts, broken site links, and a To Do list a mile long. So, last week I sat down, dusted off my laptop, and got to work. So far this is what I’ve accomplished:

  1. Read through the Light series and made copious notes in preparation for writing book 3 this summer 🙂
  2. Sent The Light series to the very talented Carin Gilfry at ACX who voiced and produced Seen and Wandering for audiobook.
    (She’s amazing! So if you’re an audiobook fan, watch for the Light series to hit Audible and iTunes later this summer!)
  3. Relisted all of my books on Kindle
  4. Updated my author central page on Amazon
  5. Updated links for My Books on this site
  6. Submitted my books to the fabulous new site, Clean Indie Reads
  7. Started the next draft of my brand new book (yay!)

Whew! I’m exhausted just looking at this list! But the fabulous thing about spring cleaning is that once you are finished, everything looks so bright and shiny. I am thrilled to share all of my work with each of you. Thank you for supporting me along the way. By the time fall comes around there should be a few more shiny new bits of news to share. Until then, please have a fabulous summer.

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