Share the Love Scavenger Hunt

Share the Love, people!

Share the LoveI know Valentine’s Day is over, but we are just getting started with our Share the Love Scavenger Hunt. We’ve got so much planned that we decided to spread out a little. My good friend, author Felicia Tatum, and I are joining forces in a new Facebook event to Share the Love. On February 28th we’re giving away prizes ALL DAY LONG! You will want your name drawn, I promise you! So, get busy hunting those clues, posting your guesses, and sharing the love with your book-loving posse. Here’s today’s clue:

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Don’t worry, dear readers, 
We have prizes you!

The date has been set,
We’re ready to cheer.
Choose the prize you want most
And then post it here.

That’s right. We want to know which of our prizes you’re dreaming of winning! (Oops! I gave it away.) So, visit the FB event page and scroll through our prize selection. Then, come back here to post your answer under comments. Want a bonus entry? Share the love by inviting your friends to join the fun. You can post our event link on your Facebook page or click the “Invite Friends” button on the event page. Be sure to let us know that you shared the love so that we can count your bonus entry. Happy Hunting!

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  1. Signed copy of the Light Series by Heather Sutherlin. I have shared the link to the even on a FB group that I belong to. I forgot to include that on all of the the other posts. I also shared on my Twitter @Danielle_8585

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