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Seen Recently author Larisa Walk asked authors to share something scandalous or quirky about one of their characters. I had to think about that for a while. I have quite a few quirky characters including one kid who sees visions of a mysterious girl and sketches her obsessively, and a girl so caught up in the man she sees in her dreams that she leaves behind the love of her life and almost dies! But scandalous? Ha! My characters are as clean as fresh fallen snow. They are nearly perfect. Sure they may whine or complain, but they are basically good. But… they aren’t ALL good. I mean, what’s a good adventure story without a villain, right? My main characters may be offered sainthood, but my villains are down and dirty. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that they are truly scandalous. And yet, I never really cover those nitty gritty details in my story. So, today I’m digging in to what makes my villains tick. What makes them so mean and nasty? I’ll give you a sneak peek in today’s Share the Love Scavenger Hunt Clue:

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You’re looking for SEEN and then here’s what you’ll do

Read about Margo and tell me this quick

What makes her evil? What makes her tick?

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0 thoughts on “Scandalous”

  1. That Margo sounds like one mean chick! She wants to hook up with a married guy, take advantage of him in every way she can and then kick him to the curb. She is motivated by the power and wizardy wealth she would gain by reaching her evil goals …poor married guy.

  2. She made a married man leave his wife and child for her. She used him and got rid of him once she achieved power and wealth.

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