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Today I put the finishing touches on my presentation for Saturday’s Right2Write event at the Main Library. My three test subjects gave it 3 thumbs up! (Or is that 6 thumbs up? Hm…) Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ll be sharing at the Lit Fest workshop this weekend:

Many writers and lit professors would like to tell you the rules for writing. Although those rules seem to shift and change as time marches on, they are there nonetheless. It’s your job to sort them out and decide which rules you’ll follow and which you’ll break – or at least bend a little.

So, what are the rules to writing? I’m not sure I even want to start that conversation. There are, however, a few fundamental rules to writing success. These are universal whether you are a literary writer or a subversive genre writer. All writers who want to achieve any kind of success will find these three rules helpful. Curious?

Come see me at the Arkansas Literary Festival on Saturday and I’ll pull a few tricks out of the bag to illustrate the three universal rules to writing success. Can’t make it to the festival? Don’t worry! I’ll be back here on Monday to give away my secrets and to announce the winner of my book giveaway.

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