The Wanderer Series

Rin is special, though most people would just say “freaky!” That’s because Rin sees visions. The only problem is, they’re all the same vision – a girl in the forest with the wind in her hair. He can’t stop seeing her there and his mind races to capture every detail in a desperate effort to discover her identity. He was five when the visions began and he tried to explain what he’d seen. When that didn’t work, he sat down to draw the picture in his mind. How could he ever hope to explain what he had seen and how it felt so real? He obsessed over every vision until he had hundreds of sketches and paintings of her, just waiting for the moment when he would see her face and know her.

But what would happen then?

Seen original cover art
Jaron, Rory, and Rin                                                                The Wanderer

Original illustrations by artist Kate Gardner

Join Rin on his adventure to find the Wanderer. Read the first three chapters of SEEN for FREE.


Rory has no idea what’s going on in the woods behind her house, but it’s driving her crazy. On the last day of her senior year she finds herself caught up once again in the curious happenings of the forest and walks away without any of the answers she was hoping to find. To make matters worse, she is sent to visit a sick neighbor and instead finds the hottest guy she’s ever seen. When she discovers his brother’s incredible secret she falls further into her own chaos and into a fate she never could have imagined.

Jaron is just counting the days until the summer is over and he can get back to his real life. Stuck with his little brother on a tiny farm in rural Oklahoma is not exactly his idea of fun. But when Rory shows up on his doorstep with an armload of pie, he knows his summer has just taken a sharp turn into new territory. He never expected the adventure they would discover next or the quest that would change their lives forever.

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When you’ve traveled between worlds, there’s nowhere left to go but home.

Rory has never been so cold in her life. But the biting wind only reminds her of another pain that grows more intense with each passing day. Each night Jaron’s beautiful voice sings in her dreams, and each day her footsteps draw her closer to his side. Danger and intrigue at every turn, no distance is too far when you’re returning for true love.

Rin has spent the last five years searching for Rory across two worlds. Now a series of visions have him convinced he’s growing closer to finding her. But when Rory slips through another portal, taking his visions with her, he finds himself back at square one. To find her now he’ll need the help of an old friend and a little otherworldly magic.  This time he intends to bring The Wanderer home for good.

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