The Soul Ties Series



Welcome to the fantastical world of the Soul Ties Series. Behind the curtain lies another side of this planet you’ve never seen where demons and angels battle amongst us and the only ones standing between the powers of the spirit realm and humanity are a small band of circus performers. Carnies, gypsies, and mystics. They have been the outcasts of society for thousands of years, but there is more going on behind the costumes and sideshow acts than any of us could ever guess.

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A Familiar Darkness EBOOK

The Soul Ties Series

A Familiar Darkness EBOOK

Archer is a magician with a few more tricks up his sleeve than even the savviest street performer could imagine. Devilishly handsome and full of dark secrets, his devil-may-care attitude came at a price and unfortunately for him, the devil may care after all.

When he meets Hannah, a runaway whose art is more than it seems, he’s determined to keep her and her drama at arm’s length. But their souls are tied together with bonds that won’t be ignored and it’s going to take all his skill to keep her safe from the horde that follows her every move.


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Evening Shades EBOOK

Life, and death, aren’t always what they seem.
Archer and Hannah are determined to finish what they’ve started, but to do so they’ll have to navigate the depths of his past. Forced to return to the Priory, the school where troupe members begin their training, they find more mystery than answers. It seems the dead hold their own secrets, and some are worth uncovering…even if it changes everything.

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When their new friend Naphtali uncovers a plot that will threaten millions, Archer and Hannah search the streets of New York City for answers. But the bright lights of the Big Apple can’t quite hide the shadows that stalk their every move. Will they be able to stop the destruction or will it destroy them first?

Filled with carnival troupes, demon hunters, and battles with dragons in the streets of New York, readers are calling it a thrilling page-turner that will keep you think about it for days.

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