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Confession: Adoption is kind of a taboo topic in my house.

Some of you may know that last year we said goodbye to our sweet baby girls after our adoption fell through. I had to pack them up and send them away to their “new mommy” after nearly two years of loving them as my own. That was the hardest day of my life. It wasn’t fair, it didn’t seem right, they never even explained why. But it didn’t matter, they were gone.

So, it may surprise you that I still firmly believe in adoption. There are over 100,000 children in America waiting to be adopted right now and that number appalls me, especially considering how many of us have plenty of love (and food, and clothes, etc.) to share. That is why I consider adoptive families to be heroes – true, genuine heroes.

I have a sweet, wonderful friend named Emily. Emily is the mommy of two little boys, one her biological son and one an adopted son from Ethiopia. They make me smile. Well, last year Emily and her husband decided to adopt once more, this time from the U.S. They felt strongly about helping a mother here in our own state who wanted a safe home for her baby. So, they spent a year doing paperwork and taking on extra jobs to save up for the adoption. Then, the happy day came when they were finally matched with a mom. They got to meet her and hear her story and their journey together began. Now, that baby is due any day.

Last week, Emily confessed that the expenses for the adoption were going to be much higher than expected. She’s doing all that she can to raise the extra funds before the baby is born, but the clock is ticking and fear seeps in as they pray for a solution that will bring that sweet baby home. That’s when Emily’s friends stepped in and offered to help. We’re all offering our own talents, our own resources to help raise the money.

Here’s how YOU can help:
If you live in the Little Rock area, please come by our massive multi-family garage sale this weekend (June 21 & 22) at 5724 Alta Vista in North Little Rock 72118 from 7am to noon. Not only will there be a ton of great bargains, but I’ll have my books on sale and will be happy to sign them for you on Friday morning. Also, one of my street team, Amanda Wilson, is a fabulous baker and she’s offered to bake us up a huge batch of cupcakes for sale. I promise, you’ll want to take home a few dozen!

If you DON’T live nearby, you can still help! This month I’m donating one dollar for every book I sell. This is NOT just a gimmick. For those of you who don’t know, I don’t even make $1 off the sale of any of my books except for the ebook of Seen. If you buy the ebook, A Light in the Darkness, that entire dollar will go to my friend Emily for her adoption. Please help me to help my friend. Buy a book (or two!) and then share this with your friends on Twitter, on Facebook, around the web.

Want to know more about Emily and her family? Visit them HERE and pledge your support.

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