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Light Series adLast week I told you about the time I wrote my first book, A Light in the Darkness. It’s amazing to me now to look back and see how far I’ve come from that first night at my computer. What an adventure it’s all been! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that those words would turn into a real book with fans reading it around the world. I’m just in awe of the whole journey from page one to where I sit now days away from releasing my sixth book into the world. Wow. This weekend I watched that first book climb the charts on Amazon. It hit #3 in Christian Fantasy and stayed there for three days. What an amazing rush that was to see it, too. I am so proud that The Light Series is still resonating with readers.

BUT the reason I really love The Light Series and keep writing is because of the characters. The characters in The Light Series are really the best part of the story. As I wrote this series, they quickly took on a life of their own, shaping the story in their own way and making me want to spend more and more time with them. It’s hard when you love a character not to wish they were real so that you could be friends. Well, with this crew, I sort of wish they were ALL real. I just can’t get enough of them. Here are a few of my favorite characters from the series starting with the one’s who started it all…

Merrilyn is loyal and kind. She’s a bit naive, having lived her entire life in the tiny village of Nomar. An orphan, she was raised by the village healer, Aileena, and taught the trade as her apprentice. She longs to be more than just a healer, though. She wants to be one of the great Alaiths, a rare and powerful group of  healers who can heal with the mysterious power of light. On her journey, she’ll discover not only a vast world filled with incredible people and creatures she could never have imagined, but she’ll also find her true self along the way.

Justan is Merrilyn’s best friend. The prince of Nomar and second son to King Andraus, he doesn’t have a lot of responsibility at court. He spends his days following Merrilyn around and trying to amuse her. That is, until his brother goes missing and he’s forced to step up into a role he never thought he’d have to fill. Justan’s greatest fear is losing Merrilyn and he’ll do anything to protect her – even if that means pushing her away. Here’s a quote from one of my favorite scenes in the second book, To Light the Path.


Who’s your favorite character in The Light Series?

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>A Writing Exercise


****Congratulations to Shannon Iverson who won the Free Book Friday contest! We’ll have a new free book offer this Friday, so come back and comment for your chance to take home a new book!**** 

Hello, writerlings!  Today is April 2nd which means Script Frenzy is in full swing.  For those of you who don’t have a clue what script frenzy is, you can look back at my post about it or follow the link to the Script Frenzy website.  There you can sign up to join the masses as they fearlessly quest to write a complete script in one month.  (If you are a grown up writer who wants to join the fun, go here.)

Even if you never intend to write a script of any kind, I found this fabulous worksheet from week two of their “bootcamp” to be an excellent writing exercise.    It focuses on your main character’s motivation for their journey and then helps you to define more of your villain as well.  We had lots of fun going through the worksheets here at home with our young writers and I thought you might enjoy it, too.  I found the following questions particularly helpful as I am currently editing my recent novel:

1. What does your main character want?
2. What does he or she need to do to make his or her dreams come true?
3. How does he or she change during the journey?

It’s funny how I thought I knew the answers to those questions when I started out writing, but now that I am looking back on a finished draft, I see that the answers have changed a bit.  As a matter of fact, the answer to the first question was very hard to find.  My character starts out her story thinking she wants one thing, but discovers in the end she wants something very different.  Isn’t that so often true?  Even in my own life I see this happening.  This is part of what contributes to a character’s change, growth.

How well do you know your characters?  Are they living inside of you yet?  Can you understand them well enough to know why they do what they do?  If not, this simple exercise will help you to breathe a little life into those precious creatures before you send them off on their journey.  Come back and tell us how it helped you!

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