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Former president of Fiction Writers of Central Arkansas and a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, I was an active speaker at conferences and enjoy teaching others about how they can share their work with the world through self-publishing. And then… France.

Our family moved to France in 2016 just after I published my tenth book. Now I write from “un petit chateau” in the beautiful French countryside where I can walk among ancient ruins and dream up new stories to tell.  My novels, all fantasy or urban fantasy, are exciting adventures filled with quests and new discoveries. My first novel, A Light in the Darkness, was featured at the Arkansas Literary Festival. You can find out more about my published work by clicking on the My Books tab.

I enjoy writing in many genres. I have a long wishlist of future projects including steampunk, a middle grade fantasy, several non-fiction books, and a handful of contemporary romances. My very first contemporary romance, Loose Ends, will be rereleased in 2018, so watch for that if you’re a fan of romantic comedy and international travel. I have also written an original webseries, Phone Tag. It is what I like to call a Suburban Comedy and it still makes me laugh out loud even though it never hit the web. From children’s lit to film, there are few genres I wouldn’t love to explore.

I hope you find something here you can share with others or, better yet, something that inspires you.  Thanks for stopping by!

Want to catch up with me? I can also be found around the web. Here are a few places you might find me:

  • Join my Facebook page where you’ll find me chatting about life as a writer and find news about my books.
  • Find me at Goodreads for book reviews and blog updates. You can even start a book Q&A with friends!
  • Visit my Pinterest page for a peek at what I find interesting. You’ll also find boards for my books with photos of scenes.
  • I’m on Twitter, too. I retweet interesting tidbits and share news occasionally with anyone who might be listening.
  • At Kindlegraph you can request autographs for your ebooks turning them into signed copies.
  • And if all of that fails, you can always send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

I love getting mail! Please drop me a note and I’ll do my best to return the favor.

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2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I love the Light series. I was wondering if you would be continuing the series. I really hope so because I find this series helpful in my own spiritual journey as even though it is fiction we all seem to go through similar things in a metaphorical kind of way in our own faith. Besides I wanna see what happens in this journey so much more to the story.

    1. Hi, Sarah! I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the Light of Loian series! I am happy to announce there will definitely be more books to come in this series. I took this year off to release my new urban fantasy series, Soul Ties, but next summer I hope to release book four in the Light series, City of Light. Merrilyn has decided to follow her mother’s trail and hopes to discover more about her father along the way…and we haven’t seen the end of Keardun. So, I hope you’ll forgive me for making you wait. Thanks for reading, Sarah!

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